Stephanie Marone

Stephanie has served as a Commissioner for North Perry Water since 1999. She has held office as both Chairman of the Board and Secretary. She is familiar with the infrastructure of the district, and has excellent working knowledge of federal, state, and county regulations required for special utility districts, and keeps current of new and updated regulatory changes. She also holds a number of certifications, including the highest level of completion of Commissioner Leadership through a Washington State Association (WAWSD) and Emergency Response through FEMA, and has served on the committee for the Port of Brownsville Comprehensive Plan for many years. She is Treasurer of the Bremerton Yacht Club.

Her main priority has always been to provide the ratepayers of the district with clean, safe drinking water and to maintain their trust by making good decisions on their behalf.

Stephanie currently is employed as office manager for a small local marina. She lives in Brownsville with her mate of 17 years, Robert Stanberry. In their free time they enjoy Sailing.