Start or Stop Water Service

All North Perry Avenue Water District accounts are required to be in the name of the legal property owner.

If you have bought or sold a home in the North Perry Avenue Water District, we will need the following information so we can open or close your account. Service address, closing date, name, phone number, email address and mailing address if different from the service address. Please note if you would like a duplicate billing sent to the property address(duplicate copy will be marked “Current Resident,” and cost $5.00 per billing cycle).

Please send the above noted information to the District via email to Customer Service or give us call at 360-373-9508.

Balance from Previous Owners

Many new owners are not aware that, unlike other utilities, water charges are associated with the property rather than with the person who incurs the charge. What this means is that property ownership is transferred along with any unpaid balance to the new owner. The District does prepare a final bill for the previous owner. However, if the previous owner does not pay the final bill, the balance will transfer to the new owner after 45 days.