North Perry Water bills every 2 months with payment due on the 15th of the following month from date of issue. If delinquent, a notice is sent on the 16th of the following month adding a 10% penalty. The following month a new bill is generated. If the past due amount is not paid by the 15th, a $20 fee is added to the amount owed and a 24 hour shut off notice (door tag) is posted at the service address.

Water is shut off 24 hours after the time written on the notice. After shut off, payment of the full balance and a $65 reconnect fee is required to restore service. If the 16th falls on a weekend the notices will be processed the following business day. We provide a basic water usage graph to give you a general idea of your water consumption over time. If you have not received your bill by the 10th day of the month, please contact our office. Payments will be applied to your account in the order of receipt, posting to the most delinquent charges first.