How do I start or stop my water service?

To begin or cancel service, the person who is responsible for the account should call NPW Customer Service, or visit our office. You will need your current address and the new address to which you are moving, a daytime telephone number, and the date that you want the service change to begin. There is an new account fee of $25.00 for starting service.

What are the options for paying my NPW water bill?

NPW offers a variety of ways to pay your water bill. For a complete list of options, please CLICK HERE.

When is my bill due?

All bills are owed and payable by the 15th of the month the bill was issued.

Whose Pipes Are Whose?

The North Perry Avenue Water District is responsible for pipes on the "street side" of the water meter, including all service lines and water mains extending throughout the community. NPW is also responsible for the water meter itself. If you notice a water leak in the street or in the vicinity of your water meter, please call us to report it.

The property owner is generally responsible for all pipes and plumbing on the "customer side" of the water meter. This includes the interior plumbing of the home, the outside irrigation system, and the area where the property's water system connects to the water meter.

Who do I call if a street light is out in my area?

The District is only a billing agency for street lights. You will need to call Puget Sound Energy at 888-225-5773 or visit their website at www.pse.com