Conservation Tips

Indoor Tips

indoor water conservation tips
  • Turn off the faucet when brushing teeth or washing your hands
  • Take shorter showers. Each minute you cut saves 2.5 gallons.
  • Replace your old toilet with an ultra low-flow toilet.
  • Install faucet aerators on your kitchen and bathroom faucets.
  • Replace your clothes washer with a high efficiency washer.
  • Only wash full loads of dishes in the dishwasher.

Outdoor Tips

  • Use a broom to clean sidewalks and driveways instead of using a hose.
  • Water only what your plants need. Water your lawn only at night or very early in the morning.
  • Plant drought tolerant and native plants.
  • Stop leaks. To check for leaks turn off all water taps inside and outside your home. If the meter dial is moving, you may have a leak.