The North Perry Avenue Water District is a municipal corporation organized under the laws of the State of Washington (Title 57 RCW). The District held its first meeting on December 9, 1942, following a public election of officers.

The District operates as a Special Purpose District and is governed by a 3-member board of commissioners (Board) elected by the citizens. Members of the Board are collectively responsible for establishing policy, adopting an annual budget, and providing vision and goals for the District. A summary of Board duties and responsibilities follows:

  1. Provide public leadership by promoting representative, responsible, and respectful governance; mediating conflicting interests while building a consensus; and communicating the District’s vision and goals to ratepayers.
  1. Establish policy by adopting goals and objectives; establish priorities; approve and/or amend the operating and capital budgets as needed; approve contracts, and adopt resolutions (the vehicle for establishing ongoing and formal policies that govern the District).
  2. Appoint and supervise the General Manager. Conduct periodic performance evaluations.
  3. Make decisions by studying problems, reviewing alternatives, and determining the best course of public policy.







Mary Sevilla, Chairman, Position 3


Damon Sallee, Position 2


Stephanie Marone, Position 1