Approved Testers List


DISCLAIMER: This list is provided by North Perry Avenue Water District as a service to our customers. The District  does not warranty work performed by anyone on this list. This is not a complete list of certified testers who are certified to perform backflow device tests, but rather a list of testers that have provided documentation that certifications is current.

For an unabbreviated list go here:

If a tester not on this list conducts a test within District boundaries the appropriate documentation must accompany the test results to validate the Test (a copy of certification/calibration of equipment). North Perry Avenue Water District does not have any control over the charges for testing or repairs of backflow assemblies.


North Perry Avenue Water District provides this list of companies and individuals who have been licensed by the State of Washington and also from unlicensed companies and individuals for your own protection, ask to see the contractor’s license when hiring.  For futher information please call 1-800-647-0982 Department of Labor & Industries contractors office. Also check L&Is internet site at   ( RCW 18.27.005  &  RCW 18.27.200 )



Company Name Phone
Bremerton Backflow Services Jeff Mihulka 360-405-0399
Silverdale Plumbing   360-692-8840
Cross Connection Specialist Nancy Perry 253-318-3156
  Skip Beahm 360-340-5640
Advanced Specialty Services Ken Wilson 360-981-6536
AJ’s Backflow Testing Earl Varner 360-265-0157
Backflows Northwest Scott 425-277-2888
McLaughlin’s Peninsula Backflow Dominic McLaughlin 206-890-8337
  Richard Powell 360-536-7353
Swift Plumbing   360-297-9592
Judge Plumbing John 360-930-8220 / 360-689-7668
Oneway Backflow Testing   360-908-7514


If your tester is not on this list, please have them call our office at 360-373-9508 during business hours so they can be added to the list.


Revised 4/19/19



Please contact Courtney Little, Cross Connection Control Specialist at our office with any questions and prior to any installation.